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    Don’t give bacteria and viruses a chance.

    In many situations it is imperative to prevent bacteria and viruses getting to your product or people.

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    Ultra clean air

    Our focus is to provide you with ultra clean air. Ultra clean air is beneficial to health and hence contributes to the safety of both people and products.


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    Support right from the start.

    We accompany your project from the initial concept all the way through to completion.


Air filtering technology and clean air technology for medical & pharmaceutical sector, laboratories and industry

Innovative air cleaning systems worldwide

Enhance air quality in your rooms as ultra clean air safeguards people, products and working processes. Benefit from our expertise in clean air and air filtering technology as well as our long-standing experience in construction of operating theatre ceilings, laminar air flow, recirculated air, and supply air filtering ceilings, air extraction systems and many more.

Our comprehensive products are, taking the respective norms and regulations as well as customer requirements into account, primarily used in

•    Hospitals (operating theatre, instrument prep zones, sterile corridor…) 
•    Pharmaceutical industry
•    Laboratories
•    Foodstuffs production
•    Nanotechnology

We will determine the appropriate solution for you, match the products to your individual requirements and design tailored clean room concepts. We offer a comprehensive product portfolio from individual components all the way to sophisticated all-encompassing for clean room solutions.

Marchhart is one of the leading providers of innovative air cleaning systems. Operating theatres around the world are now equipped with Marchhart air filtering technology.

What are the advantages of Marchhart air filtering elements in your operating theatre or clean room?

+ Guaranteed sterile, germ-free air 
+ Establishment of a stable protective zone 
+ Reduction of post-operative infection risks
+ Provision of draught-free, comfortable room climate 
+ Room temperature regulation 
+ Comfortable low level noise generation
+ Smooth surfaces make cleaning simple
+ Fast and cost-efficient maintenance

Marchhart also offers:

+ Everything from a single source – planning, manufacturing, installation, training
+ Tailored solutions, clean room concepts, air supply and extraction systems
+ Comprehensive expertise and long-standing experience in air filtering technology 
+ High quality and long-lifetime materials
+ Maximum housing sealing through high level of prefabrication
+ Shorter installation times thanks to fewer complex system components 
+ Leading edge technology with state-of-the-art plant and machinery 
+ Proprietary production in our Austrian plant

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