Filter-fan unit

Compact air handling module in the false ceiling

The filter-fan unit is a compact air handling module in the false ceiling space. This component can be placed anywhere as required, and can also be flexibly combined in various sizes. The system protects the working area from contamination. The model with mesh frames provides a stable laminar flow, all other diffuser models use turbulent mixed ventilation (TMS).

With the fan system, individual filtering stages and control system already integrated into the housing, the model is fully functional and ready for immediate use. The standard model is specifically designed for installation in false ceilings.

Filter-fan ceiling

The filter-fan unit in combination with a LAF supply air filtering ceiling becomes a filter-fan ceiling and hence an independently operating recirculation system.

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Areas of application

Areas of application pursuant to the standards EN ISO 14644, ÖNORM H 6020, DIN 1946-4 for medical purposes respectively VDI 2083 and for all clean rooms as set forth by the Directive PIC/S_PE 009-11.

The component has a sound absorbing casing with an integrated vibration damped fan, filter mounting using special quick-action clamping elements and continuous filter monitoring.