Fluff separator for rooms with highest hygiene requirements

Fluff separator

"EASY-CLICK" system

With the "EASY-CLICK" system no tools are required to remove the fluff filter. This saves time and makes cleaning and maintenance easier. 

The fluff separator has been specifically designed to protect extraction air ducts and air conditioning systems in operating theatres as well as sterile and pharmaceutical rooms from fluff and clothing fibres. It is DIN 1946-4 compliant and comprised of a fluff filter with an extremely tear-resistant special stainless-steel mesh. The free section of the fluff filter protection is 47%.
You can choose between a STANDARD or ECCO LINE model to ensure problem-free operation of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

The fluff separator can be mounted in the wall of a clean room or in the extraction air duct. Separation takes place at the extraction point. The model with edge mounting flange sealing ensures complete coverage of constructional edges; the model with knurled-head screws is attached to the mounting frame with a secure seal and is mostly intended for installation in false ceilings. Optionally, the volume control is reversibly adjustable.

Fluff separator STANDARD LINE

The STANDARD LINE model fluff separator is made of stainless steel mesh additionally protected by a stainless steel perforated cover on the forward side. 

Fluff separator ECCO LINE

The ECCO LINE model has the separator reduced to the essentials while complying with the standards DIN 1946-4 and ÖNORM H6020.