Industry: air filtering in the industrial world

Protection of both products and personnel have absolute priority in the industrial sector. Marchhart air filtering technology can provide bespoke solutions to address your specific requirements.
Our innovative air cleaning systems intensely filter the air and protect you from contamination through hazardous airborne particles, microorganisms and germs. These systems also ensure that products can be manufactured under optimal conditions with as little contamination as possible. 
In the process, the indoor conditioned environment, i.e. the concentration of airborne particles and functional parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure, is monitored at appropriate intervals and compliance with the required thresholds is continuously ensured.

Marchhart air filtering technology in the industrial sector

Product and personnel protection have absolute priority.

The aim: ultra-clean air

Various clean air control components or combinations of such are used to reflect specific room requirements. After determining your precise requirements we design innovative solutions in compliance with all current standards which offer safety for processes, products and people and simultaneously energy efficiency, sustainability and comfortably quiet operation.

areas of application

Air cleaning systems are primarily used in the following industrial and manufacturing sectors:

  • chemicals and pharmaceuticals 
  • microelectronics (in semiconductor production for instance) 
  • foodstuffs production
  • space research
  • laboratories
  • genetic engineering
Marchhart air filtering technology in the industrial sector

Marchhart air filtering technology in the industrial sector.