Medical sector: ventilation systems for hospitals & operating theatres

In medicine, sterility and clean air have top priority as the highest air quality ensures safety for both the patient and surgical team. Our innovative air cleaning systems reduce the risk of post-operative infections due to penetrating contamination by airborne particles or germs. Germ-free air in the operating theatre, in the direct surgical area, instrument prep zones, on both instrument tables and implants reduces the risk of post-operative wound infections and lowers both the mortality risk and duration of hospital stay, contributing to faster patient recovery.

Not only the clean air system quality is crucial in this context but also that all components are optimally aligned.

Marchhart air filtering technology in the medical sector

Highest air quality protects both patients and the surgical team.

Clean air in the medical sector

When selecting air flow types a distinction is made between turbulent mixed ventilation and low-turbulence laminar flow. Medical premises with low air purity requirements mostly use turbulent mixed ventilation, whereas laminar flow ventilation (LAF) is used to satisfy higher requirements. In operating theatres complex laminar flow ceiling systems are mostly used ensuring a large protective zone consistent low velocity air flow and controlled air extraction and discharge. High-efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA filters) are the most commonly used.

Marchhart provides the appropriate air filtering system for your requirements

Marchhart designs a tailored concept addressing your particular room air requirements, simultaneously meeting the standards and regulations of the required room class. Parameters including flow type, air volume, air velocity, room temperature, humidity or noise level are to be considered and appropriately customised. Flow disturbences such as personnel, obstacles or heat sources are also to be taken into account during the design phase.

Ventilation and air conditioning systems and their airtightness must of course be regularly checked and filters replaced, especially in the medial sector. On request these measurements, leakage tests or filter replacements can be carried out by Marchhart for you.

Our comprehensive product portfolio, long-standing experience and many successful projects worldwide are testimony to the trust placed in our air cleaning systems.

Marchhart air filtering technology in the medical sector

Ventilation systems for hospitals & operating theatres from Marchhart.