Pharmaceutical filter casing | The compact Marchhart filter housing

Pharmaceutical filter casing

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To achieve appropriate air purity in clean rooms the supplied air is to be filtered with terminally positioned HEPA (H13 or H14) filters prior to entering the room. A turbulent mixed ventilation (TMS) is achieved by using compact filter housings and the appropriate diffuser elements (swirl diffuser, perforated sheet diffuser, nozzle diffuser).

The construction is individually adjusted to match the false ceiling or wall elements and always enables a clean connection with flush diffuser installation. The pharmaceutical filter casing is available in various sizes and models (e.g. with/without test groove or gel filter).

Fast and comfortable opening and closing of the diffuser element using the "EASY-CLICK" system allows quick servicing without tools (including fall protection).

Pharmaceutical filter casing for secure laboratories (S1-S3):

If there is a health hazard to persons or the environment, the appropriate housing with adapted mechanisms (integrated dampers) is used.

Combined casing:

Should the clean room design require a higher clean room classification (e.g. sensitive production areas), then the construction and design of the pharmaceutical casing is to be correspondingly adapted. To this end, individual housings are arranged in series and integrated in either inline or diagonal channel grid ceilings to create a continuous inflow area. The actual air distribution in the room is performed using a terminally positioned mesh frame diffuser. Background lighting can optionally be integrated.