Pharmaceutical sector & laboratories

Air filtering systems

In the most diverse pharmaceutical fields, such as production of pharmaceutical life-science products, both product and personnel protection always have absolute priority. Clean air offers protection against penetrating contamination by airborne particles, microorganisms and germs. Marchhart can address all requirements in the pharmaceutical and laboratory sectors with bespoke solutions.

Marchhart air filtering technology in the pharmaceutical and laboratory sectors

Clean air protects people, products and machinery.

Marchhart air filtering systems

Our innovative air cleaning systems with their control of the indoor air environment are designed to make pharmaceutical sector workplaces as dust and particle free as possible, leading to a reduction of particle concentration in both the air as well as on the product or working material. The concentration of airborne particles and functional parameters such as air temperature, humidity and pressure are continuously monitored ensuring compliance with the respective thresholds; extraction air is removed and discharged from the working zone through dedicated pathways.

Varying room requirements demand the use of specific ventilation components or a combination of such. Marchhart however also offers dedicated bespoke solutions addressing complex room arrangements and specific requirements to be met by ventilation technology to ensure compliance with your specified clean room class.

Your benefit - optimum protection

Perfectly balanced air filtering systems protect not only the personnel, who are also the major carrier of particles, but also the environment from both substances hazardous to life and highly active agents.
For the products and processes clean air means protection against damage and degraded performance due to contamination as well as against cross-contamination. Filtered air also ensures that research results in laboratories are as reliable as possible.

Marchhart air filtering technology in the pharmaceutical and laboratory sectors

Marchhart air filtering technology in the pharmaceutical and laboratory sectors.