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Recirculated air wall module

Compact alternative to the ceiling module

With our recirculated air wall modules, Marchhart offers a solution for rooms with limited space for additional ducts or air treatment systems, or with very low room height.
The recirculated air wall module is also suitable for rooms with low external air volume proportion; the floor-level air extraction favours optimal discharge of the downward flowing air from the LAF ceiling.

Optimal customisation to the existing structural conditions and compliance with the standards is possible due to the multitude of combinations and options.

Areas of application pursuant to the standards EN ISO 14644, ÖNORM H 6020, DIN 1946-4 for medical purposes respectively VDI 2083 and for all clean rooms as set forth by the Directive PIC/S_PE 009-11.

Module design

This system with recirculated air wall modules is an independently operating recirculated air fan system and can be installed both directly in the room or in the partition wall. As standard the unit is comprised of three major components:

  • Prefilter housing with fluff separator
  • Fan section
  • Silencer casing

Optionally also available with heat exchanger.