Marchhart LAF ceiling in the operating theatre

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LAF ceiling | OR ceiling

One of the most basic requirements in an operating theatre is sterility to protect patients from life threatening infections. This is what the Marchhart LAF ceiling or operating theatre ceiling is best suited for: our LAF ceiling system ensures a stable protective zone through its low turbulence displacement flow, so providing highest levels of safety and air quality for both patients and the surgical team. It contributes to protection against penetrating contamination by airborne particles or germs thus helping to minimise the risk of postoperative infections. Large scale operating theatre ceilings and ceiling systems provide a protective zone for patients, the surgical team and instruments.

Our LAF ceilings are suitable for both sensitive areas such as operating theatres and the pharmaceutical sector: Areas of application according to the following standards EN ISO 14644, ÖNORM H 6020, DIN 1946-4 for medical purposes or according to VDI 2083.

Supply air systems for operating theatres

An operating theatre ceiling is comprised of an airtight welded aluminium casing with a stabilising rim to prevent particle induction (from the room) and a simple and safe mounting and removal system for the fluff separator (without any tools), i.e. our "EASY-CLICK" system.
Marchhart LAF ceilings can be equipped with either horizontal or vertical filter elements. Spread across the entire protective zone these filter elements contribute to a reduction of the initial filter pressure resulting from such a large filtering area.

Shapes of the operating theatre ceiling

our LAF ceilings are available in the following designs:

  • square
  • rectangular
  • octagonal
  • circular

LAF supply air ceiling with lighting

LED backlighting can optionally be used in an operating theatre ceiling to provide efficient ambient lighting. LED lighting is available in white, colour (RGB) or as a combination of the two (RBG-W).