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Recirculated air ceiling module for medical & pharmaceutical sector

The recirculated air ceiling is primarily used where a large protective zone is required despite a low proportion of fresh air. It is installed compactly as a highly airtight system in the false ceiling; the recirculated air ceiling modules aligned along the sides feed the room air directly into the pressure chamber. If there is insufficient space then recirculated air wall modules can be used. In the operating theatre the Marchhart recirculated air ceiling system with its laminar airflow creates a stable protective zone providing the highest level of safety and air quality for the patient, surgical team and instruments.

Recirculation equipment also improves the room air quality for operations with a lower infection risk (H1b). The germ and pollutant concentration in an operating theatre can also be reduced to the requested minimum without a separated protective zone by feeding turbulent air with low germ concentration through H14 HEPA filters from the ceiling into the operating theatre thereby mixing the contaminated room air with the cleaned filtered air.

Recirculated air ceiling module & fan

The energy-efficient recirculated air ceilings with integrated fans allow large operating theatre ceiling areas to be supplied using only a low fresh air proportion. This comfortable climate is created through homogenous mixing of the cool air from the central air conditioning unit with the warmed recirculated air from the operating theatres. The entire air volume is blown through HEPA filters and supplied sterile to the operating theatre protective zone as laminar flow; optionally as differential flow with higher core and lower edge velocities.

Areas of application pursuant to the standards EN ISO 14644, ÖNORM H 6020, DIN 1946-4 for medical purposes, and respectively to VDI 2083. Recirculated air ceilings with recirculation ceiling modules are primarily suitable for operating theatres but also instrument prep zones, recovery rooms and the pharmaceutical sector.

They can optionally be equipped with LED backlighting, media bridges, connections for medical apparatus and air conditioning systems (“dry cooling”).

Advantages of the Marchhart recirculated air ceiling module:

+ Compact design
+ Very high system safety
+ Concealed installation in the false ceiling
+ Simple handling using LED signal information light
+ Disinfectant resistant surface coating
+ Low maintenance and operating costs


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